Suze Orman Credit Card

We just can't help but to start off this conversation about the Suze Orman Credit Card by mentioning how strange this is. How weird is it that someone such as Suze Orman has become so successful by helping teach people how to be debt free and things of that nature and yet now she puts out her own card to collect tons of fees from people? Perhaps all of the books and things she has been putting out over the years teaching people to despise credit just wasn't enough. Just seems that she just had to go this route to go ahead and benefit from the "hard headed" ones who will not follow her better teachings. This card really claims to be for people who are having a hard time getting some type of credit or a card that works for them. But really, it just seems to take advantage of those people instead.

While it's sort of true that it's better than a lot of other cards out there, it's really only an over glorified pre-paid card at best when you look more closely at it. The biggest draw to this card unfortunately happens to be because of her name and how influential she has become in the area of financial advice. However, When you are going to look at the information that she has in her plan, those who aren't so blinded by her celebrity status will realize that there are so many other cards that are on the market exactly like this one and aren't hard to get either. She says that she approved of this card, by many are feeling that she really just approved of the opportunity to make money on those who are already victims of the credit card industry already.

Instead of doing an annual fee, she sets it up as a monthly $3 payment. She is also said o be waiving the monthly fee for your first month. This should be fine though unless you are going o actually use the card. Using the Suze Orman Credit Card will actually get you into the other fees as there seems to be a fee for everything involving money going out at least. The free ways to add money to your card are by direct deposit and bank account transfer. This is actually a little confusing because this card is supposed to be for people who can't get any other type of card or account. If you are already having an account elsewhere, and there are other options for this type of card on the market, why in the world do you need to transfer funds from your existing account into this one? Of course, there can be a lot of scenarios thought up to justify doing this, but in the end, it still comes back to a lot of people getting this card simply because of her name and status.


You can also add money at different retail locations which will actually cost you each time just to deposit funds. Now, this is where the case of taking advantage of the people who can't find another account comes in. Because if you don't have anything to direct deposit, and you don't have an existing account to wire monies from, you are her perfect candidate for this card it seems. You will pay ranging from $3.50 to $4.95 for each transaction. Then, after they make deposits, there are so many fees for making withdrawals for the account as well. She doesn't really specify with the card if you will be charged for even regular POS transactions but from the looks of things we wouldn't be surprised if she has made that fall into one the categories for cash advance fees. Really, if you are thinking to get the Suze Orman Credit Card it's not like it's something new when it comes to what's already available on the market. It's just very odd that the Suze Orman Credit Card comes from someone who claims to know something about helping people get out of debt.